About Jeolikote

Jeolikote, is a beautiful hill resort situated in the Naini-tal District, at a height of 1219 meters, at the foothills of the great Himalayan range. It is exactly midway (18 kms.) between the nearest railway station Kathgodam and Naini-Tal, on the Nationl Highway 87. There are direct trains from New Delhi and several other cities in India. Praise Hill, Jeolikote is a 300 kms. drive from New Delhi on NH 24 and from Rampur onwards on NH 87. The Indian Tourism Department describes Jeolikote as a health resort and a haven for butterfly catchers and bird watchers. Jeolikote has its own apiary and is famous for producing honey by rearing bees. Jeolikote has a
large apiary centre where pure natural honey is available. Jeolikote with its temperate climate, is also a fertile ground for growing mushrooms and fruits such as strawberries and litches, pears, mangoes, apricots and plums.

Located 18 km from the nearest railway station Kathgodam, Jeolikote is a hilltop resort in Nainital District. Blessed with shrines and beautiful sculptures, Jeolikote was chosen by great men such as Sri Aurobindo and several Christian missionaries for solitude and meditation. There is a sylvan Trail leading to a small bungalow, which was once the home of a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte, and house of Warwick Sahib (a British army soldier).

The sounds of a running stream during the rainy season, the temperate climate capture your imagination and builds within you a serene mind far away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city. The pollution free environment is the holidayers paradise, and an ideal weekend getaway. For family holidays, with Praise as your base, you can go sight-seeing to Naini-tal, Ranikhet, Kausauni and so many other beautiful resorts in the Kumaon region of Uttarkhand.